perspective matters

Truth is important

Truth is a beautiful thing. And as impressively terrible, as amazingly powerful as an army with banners. Truth is the rock upon which you believe you can securely build all your beliefs, without error, without mistakes. But as nice as that sounds, the fact is that Truth doesn’t care about you, your feelings, or the world you love. It is what is, whether you understand it or not, whether you ‘get it’ or not. 

We go to amazing lengths to learn all we can, to collect data points, morsels of information, to know whatever we can about our lives and our world, in the hopes that then we will be safe and secure. Desiring to avoid error, mistakes and heartache. 

Cliff Bentley




Cliff Bentley

i’m a life coach

Hi. I’m Cliff Bentley and I’m a Life Coach. Unlike a football or softball coach, I don’t yell at you and tell you what to do. On a good day. Just kidding. Life Coaches help you to understand how your brain works, and give you information you can use to think more positively, set goals, remove barriers and obstacles and eventually reach your dreams. Well, lots of dreams, anyway. We can talk about your dreams. A Life Coach should never tell you what to do. Should never set goals for you, but rather help you determine what works for you. Many times a coach will straight out ask you:  “What do you want?”. 

And then help you reach those goals, whatever they are. Sometimes if you want, coaches can also serve as mentors, in those areas where they are experienced and capable. For example, my particular strengths are health and wellness after being diagnosed with type II diabetes; coping with end of life situations; and belief, faith and doubt crisis or transition. 

 I provide value

I don’t charge for the help I provide. I think you’ll find that I provide value that is quite unique. In a good way 🙂 The only really sad thing here is that most insurance companies won’t pay for my services because I’m not a therapist. If you sign up for coaching or mentoring with me, you won’t pay anything. 

i’m in poor health

In 2020, I sat down with my Nephrologist and had a hard conversation: He actually said, “If you don’t get a kidney transplant, you have a 100% chance of death in 10 years.” The good news is, I’m on the transplant list, and I’m still kicking in 2021. And after a really difficult year last year, I’m feeling okay so far this year. I’m no longer in ‘brain fog’ that characterized 2020, which was no fun at all. 

I have a purpose in life

I have spent decades gaining an understanding of truth, religion, God, and amazingly, I feel pretty good about it all. And even though I know I don’t have all the answers, I want to help those people who are suffering from a faith transition or belief crisis. I’ve been there. I want to coach you into a better place, a place of peace, a place of simplicity after the confusion and pain.