May 3, 2021:  I’ve been on disability for just over a year now. I was doing fine, my work was computer programming for a large corporation. But the way my work experience developed, after 25 years I was only able to spend 5% or so of my time writing computer code. This was less than satisfying. But then something much worse happened — in 2019, my kidneys failed. I landed in the ER and my world turned upside down. 

For all of 2020, I was in a very bad way. I have so many people to thank and be grateful for, especially my dear wife Dana. Now that we’re in 2021, and I’ve been on in-clinic hemodialysis for the past year or so, I can say that I’m feeling better. I still have failed kidneys, and blood pressure issues galore, but I do feel better and best of all, my brain is no longer suffering under “brain fog”. That was pretty rough. 

So now I’m anticipating an end to my disability payments and must return to work. But I was so frustrated by my computer  work that I felt inspired to follow the Spirit’s prompting to help people who have been struggling with things I have been through. Health crisis. Faith transition/crisis. Type II diabetes. 

“If I’m sixty years old, am I too late for a mid-life crisis? No, I think not.” 





Cliff bentley

Life Coach


So I’ve created a life coaching business – ‘Simplicity on the Other Side’. The idea is to help people by teaching them how the brain works, and showing them how to become friends with their own thoughts, feelings and ultimately behaviors. 

I encourage you to browse through my webpages and then decide if you want to call or email me to set up coaching sessions with me. I’d sincerely like to help. 

Every business has to ‘get the word out’ or, in other words, advertise. But rather than spamming everyone’s social media/email/whatever else I can use, I’d rather use word-of-mouth on a one by one basis for communicating my services. 

Or perhaps, a one-to-many basis, which is why I also want to try my hand at public speaking. For a fee, to whatever audience I can find (or you can find, just email me at; or to church groups in a ‘fireside’ sort of setting for no fee, would also be fine with me. 

The thing is, I want to share my message with others. 

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