(Latter-day Understanding)  > secret group – email me for access 
‘Mormon Spectrum’ type webpage for in-person meetings at the Payson City Library on Saturdays at 4:00pm (Uplift Community of Faith) Apply to join 
Private group for people who want to develop or maintain faith in the Latter-day Saint Church after having doubts. (Waters of Mormon)   Apply to join 
Private group for people struggling, yet trying to remain actively engaged with the Latter-day Saint Church  >  Apply to join 
Private group for people wanting to understand and discuss ‘Restoration’ religion points of view 
Highly in favor of the Latter-day Saints Church; A huge repository of information on history of the Church. 
Historian of Religion, Science, and Biblical Interpretation – I have yet to disagree with Ben Spackman. Awesome content! 
This may be more to the point, more Ben Spackman gems 
Mormon Dialogue and Discussion Board is the modern version of the FARMS discussion board. All POV are respected. 
Mormon Archipelago – Gateway to the Bloggernacle  – monitor the pulse of Latter-day Saint current thoughts 
Geographical map of in-person discussion groups worldwide – check out the MSiP map. 
Great historical resource 
Scholarly repository of EVERYTHING related to Joseph Smith Jr. 
Mind-blowing collection of historical books and periodicals
Latter-day Saints Church’s own historical web site
A journal of Latter-day Saint faith and scholarship – vast resource of faithful materials
Interviews galore on Latter-day Saint church history with published transcripts via Amazon. Rick Bennett interviews.
One of my favorite podcasts, Terryl Givens often participates.
Diane is a very good Life Coach, I recommend her. 


Transplant / kidney donor information